International modelling:

- France: Paris (2012), Paris (2013), Marseille (2014), Marseille (2015)

- Iceland (2012, 2013, 2014)

- Canada: Montreal and Toronto (2013)

- USA: Los Angeles, Temecula, Malibu (California, 2014), Sedona (Arizona, 2016)

- Helsinki (Finland, 2015) 

-  Germany: Saalfeld (2015) and Cologne (2016)

-  Austria: Admont (2015) 

- Belgium (2015) 

- Fiji: Mana Island (2015) 

- Australia: Melbourne (2016) 

Personal Achievements:

- Speaker at The Photography Show 2014 (and only model to date asked to speak at the largest UK convention) plus video interview for Enlight Photo. Also invited back to speak at The Photography Show 2017.   

- Writer of The Act ; a 14,000 word project that challenges preconceptions in collaboration with fine art. Book published by international photographer, Julia Fullerton-Batten. ISBN 978-0-9934199-1-1 

- Billboard commercial campaign model for Antoine Laoun Opticien (Montreal)

- Contributing writer (paid) for FStoppers, DIY Photography and FaceOn Magazine 

- Featured by FStoppers, DIY Photography, FaceOn Magazine, SLR Lounge, Photoblog HK and various interviews webwide. 

- Employed writer (paid) for Creative Live including viral articles

- The building of the Dreamcatcher Project 

- Involved in the viral Nikon Symphony (Toronto) 

- Featured in the Lightblaster commercial (Montreal) 

- Featured in the Black Magic Design Cameras commercial as promoted also by Digital Photographer magazine 

- Listed by international photographer Joel Robison as one of his 'Top 5 People to Know in 2015'

- Ghostwriter for several successful blog hosts, as well as individual biographies 

- Celebrity styling assistant for OK Magazine, with photographer Rosie Hardy 

- Listed by Neon Nettle as one of the internet's 'Top Ten Bloggers'  

- Model for Damien Lovegrove's Illumination training DVD and e-book

- Face of Black Magic Design at Photokina 2016

- Creativity workshops self written and presented with Lauri Laukkanen 

- Published as art director and model in Lauri Laukkanen's book 'Camp Creative'

- Producer to styled model events on location via Walter’s Wardrobe 

- Walter's Wardrobe Events supported by The Flash Centre  

- Two page spread run by local newspaper on life as a model/writer 

- Blogger to over 300,000 views in two years on Tumblr 

- Social Media collective of 25,000 organic followers 

- Published on book covers and in art galleries globally 

- Published by Photo Vogue Italia online  

- Published model in both national and international magazines 

- Mini moments; first and only model (to date) to shoot in a working Monastery library in Austria. Modelled wearing the same dress as Helena Bonham Carter and the same coat as Tilda Swinton filmed in Narnia. Posed on an iceberg, in front of the Eiffel Tower, in a lava field, in a French chateau, underwater, in an abandoned asylum, on a beached plane wreckage, on top of Hadrian's Wall, with fire, on a Montreal city rooftop, in a pumpkin patch, in a floating rowing boat, in the same house as used by Tim Walker, the same building used by Kate Moss, the same beach featured in Atonement...and with an octopus on my face!

It's been a journey of sorts.  

A handful of the well established trainers/photographers I have worked with:

- Von Wong (Canada)

- Brooke Shaden (USA)

- Miss Aniela (UK)  

- Brett Harkness (UK)

- Damien Lovegrove (UK)

- Damian McGillicuddy (UK)

- Lauri Laukkanen (Finland) 

- Andrew Appleton (UK)

- Adrian Sommeling (Netherlands) 

- Rosie Hardy (UK) 

- Alex Stoddard (USA)

- Joel Robison (Canada) 

- Trevor and Faye Yerbury (UK)

Viral Articles and Popular Blogs:

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