Big Fella Photography said...Had the pleasure of booking Jen for a half day session at our studio. She is a very experienced model and a pleasure to work with. Just does her thing and gets amazing poses but can take direction if required. Great choice of outfits and as we had booked a MUA for the session, we got amazing looks and images. Highly recommended and would have no hesitation in booking again.

msfoto said...I had the pleasure of shooting Jen at my studio recently. Communications where excellent and Jen arrived promptly with a selection of outfits. We had a very relaxed but productive four hours which flew by. This is the second time I have worked with jen and it is always a pleasure. Highly recommended.

Paride said...I've wanted to work with Jen forever. Her work is an inspiration and she has worked with amazing artists. So I came up with a simple concept and an interesting location and we got on shooting. Goes without saying that she steals the stage and puts a lot of her art into the shoot.I can highly recommend her and looking forward to work with her again. Thanks Jen x

Nedine said...I'd had the pleasure of working with Jen this past weekend. We have worked together before and I was really looking forward to it. Jen always adds more to a shoot, her knowledge of how her body poses is phenomenal. With her background knowledge of photography and lighting, I didn't even have to think about where the lights were. Jen is one of the best models I have ever worked with and I highly recommend her for any level photographer. Thank you Jen, the creativity and attention to detail you brought to the shoot knocked it out of the park. I cannot wait to do some editing!

Penny Hardie said...I was a little daunted to be working with Jen, although we have worked together before on workshops, this was our first time 'alone'. She was great... and full of really cool ideas that added to everything we were trying to achieve. Not only a lovely person, a very professional model, I wholeheartedly recommend Jen!

Richard A said...Last weekend I was lucky enough to shoot with Jen again at a themed photoshoot organised by her and Velocity Studios. As always, Jen was excellent. Great poses, great story telling, lovely personality. A delight to work with and I captured some great images as a result. Recommended.

thewaywardtyke said...Worked with Jen on a themed studio shoot around the 'ball and chain' concept of marriage. She arrived very well prepared and with a beautiful wedding dress and veil. As expected for a model of her quality, was the perfect professional, offering help and suggestions throughout the shoot. Excellent pre-shoot communications. Great company too. Feel privileged to have worked with her and would love to do so again. Highly recommended.

FitzFoto said...I had a fantastic time with Jen shooting at a wonderful location in London, in an event organised by Jean Fernand and tutored by Faye and Trevor Yerbury. She was fantastic: beautiful, engaging, accommodating and patient. She put her all into every shot. Jen was on my list of models I'd like to work with and I am so pleased that the opportunity arose, she is a real jewel. I look forward immensely to working with her again.

indecisive moment said...I had a fantastic location shoot around Manchester with Jen last week.First of all, Jen put in lots of effort before the shoot to source clothing that fitted with the theme that I wanted to shoot with. The clothing that she brought was ideal, and made such a difference.As a model, Jen is wonderful to work with. She effortlessly produces great poses, but also adjusts easily when given direction. She is beautiful, and just perfect for a fashion based shoot both with her looks and for the input that she is prepared to give. Jen is a true creative and that adds a lot to any shoot with her.Jen is very easy going, and a really genuine person.A brilliant model and I would highly recommend anyone to shoot with her.

RichH said...Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of spending the afternoon photographing Jen. I had chosen Jen for a particular shoot based on a combination of her wonderful portfolio, beautiful facial features and her insightful blogs, which had given me a great insight in to her qualities.The difference Jen can make to your photography is amazing. Her quality of posing I believe is second to none and she can manipulate her body in to beautiful shapes that work perfectly from the angle you have chosen to shoot from.Jen was full of great ideas when we arrived at each location and worked with the utmost confidence even when working in areas busy with other people and with very little direction.I would highly recommend Jen for any project and I will definitely be looking to work with her again in the future.

GaryMac Photography said...I had wanted to shoot with Jen for a while and missed her first Studio day at Preston due to work commitments.Finally got together at Kirklees Hall Shoot and it was worth the wait, Jen really is the ultimate professional but with a friendly and bubbly personality to boot.We only had a limited time together but work quickly and efficiently through a number of set ups.Time simply flew by with Jen taking and inputting into the shoot ideas and an active interest in the lighting She gave pose after great pose and without complaint about venturing away from the warm fire in the centre of the roomTo summarise Jen is a complete joy to work with and I recommend her very highly.Another shoot on the cards. Thank you Jen for an enjoyable shoot.

John Gannon said...I had the pleasure of spending a day shooting with Jen yesterday, 11th April. I was a little anxious as Jen is such a high profile model but I needn't have been as she is a genuinely lovely person to work with. Her pre shoot communications were absolutely perfect, with everything clearly agreed.We worked on four different looks and styles during the day with hair stylist and make up artist, Jen was patient and good humoured throughout and the day just flew by. Her ease in posing was first class totally professional and skilful with her trade craft, an absolute natural in front of the camera, working perfectly to the lighting with little direction needed. Thanks Jen for a lovely day.

Emily Rose Connor Make Up and Hair said...I worked with Jen on a photoshoot today creating four completely different looks. Jen is a very versatile model and any look suits her. She is lovely to be around and I can't wait to see the outcome of the pictures. Hope to work with you again soon Jen.

DaveEdwards said...I’ve had the pleasure of working with Jen a couple of times since our initial encounter before Christmas, and working with her just gets better and better! She brings professionalism, beauty, poise, charm and a lovely personality to every shoot, and is a total joy to work with; so much so I feel compelled to recommend her again! Thanks, Jen.Shot last yeareroticiques said...I have known Jen for quite some time and been a great fan of her writing and imagery for all of it. Perversely we have only worked together once before a couple of years ago so it was a pleasure to work with her again on a shoot. She is such a lovely person it was a pleasure to shoot her. She might even give me a taste for "doing" more fashion themes!! Thanks Jen!

Rocky480 said...I worked with Jen at Kirklees Hall. I can only but agree with the previous referees. Jen is superb. I am very much a 'newbie' to all of this, but Jen was exceptionally patient and professional throughout, using her experience to help me get the most from the shoot. I recommend Jen to all photographers without hesitation, but especially to those who are learning the ropes. You won't find better. I will certainly be working with Jen again in the future.

Millwood Photography Studio said...Absolutely thrilled to have worked with Jen. A Consummate professional and extremely well received by all of my clients and I have no hesitation in recommending Jen for any project.

Jimmy Taylor said...I have wanted to shoot Jen for ages and finally got the chance at her studio day at Millwood.Jen has a great reputation and really didn't disappoint, really easy to get on with, patient when setting things up and had loads of ideas. The whole shoot was really easy going and produced great results. Jen's work truly is outstanding and I love to work together again.

Ian Brookes Photography said...I had the pleasure to shoot with Jen recently at Millwood Photography Studios in Stalybridge near Manchester. I'm a wedding photographer normally and wanted to experiment with some lighting techniques for bridal portraits to use at weddings this year.Jen was simply wonderful to work, really easy to talk to and couldn't do enough to help me achieve the type of shot I was after. Jen also had a bag full of great ideas and along with her professional modelling skills we got some amazing photos I am over the moon with!I would love to work with Jen again on more photographic projects in the future and would highly recommend Jen to any other photographer looking for a natural but striking model. Massive thank you!

Gareth said...The references speak for themselves. Had a wonderful shoot with Jen. She knew exactly what I had in mind when I initially contacted her and worked with me to hopefully make some beautiful photos. Just a shame I have to wait until they come back from the lab! Hope to work together again in the future. 

NDB Photography said...I worked with Jen on one of Andrew Appleton's bespoke training days. She was absolutely phenomenal. Without doubt the strongest, most experienced and confident model I have worked with to date.I had the opportunity a few years ago to work with Jen but low confidence levels with my photography at the time made me doubt my ability to produce good enough images to do the shoot justice.I am now slapping myself and wishing I had taken this opportunity back then because I think my photography would be much further on then it is now.Her experience, knowledge and creativity is inspiring and I highly recommended any photographer out there, no matter what level, to work with her. It will be some of the best money you would ever spend on your photography.

DaveEdwards said...I had the great privilege of shooting with Jen on her first studio day yesterday. My trepidation about shooting such a high-profile model turned out to be groundless: Jen really is the accomplished professional with a friendly and bubbly personality. After a few minutes we were rattling along as if we’d worked together all our lives – time simply flew by. Jen takes an active interest in the lighting and set up of the shots; she has a great eye for detail, and her input improves the quality of the shot enormously, as witnessed by the mountain of great images I took away! She worked hard and long, throwing pose after great pose and without complaint about venturing out of the relative warmth of the studio into near freezing conditions. All in all, Jen’s a complete joy to work with and I recommend her very highly. Another shoot in the New Year is definitely on the cards. 

Iain Hamilton Photography said...I was honoured to host Jen's first ever studio day, it was a chilly start with the arctic conditions but jen was never phased as the heaters were blasting out, throughout the day jen always had a smile on her face and posed seemlessly for each photographer. I look forward to working with jen again and hopefully having another studio day in the near future. Jen was a true professional and HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to anyone wanting to work with her. 

Phil Sproson Photography said...I had wanted to work with Jen for a long time and last Friday I got the opportunity. Luckily the Manchester weather held out for us and we shot in a number of locations in and around the city. Jen came to the shoot very well equipped and THANK YOU Jen for the hours of preparation I did not see, your appearance was faultless. Jen is very focussed and when in the model-zone was unshaken and her experience helped to create wonderful scenes because of her super-tuned-in awareness of how light falls, the best angles and her ability to see the shot from the photographers point of view.Another testament to Jen, the shoot lasted over 5 hours, yet the time flew by. I found Jen to have a wonderfully warm personality, she was very easy to get on with and great fun. I wholeheartedly recommend Jen. We talked of shooting again in future and I fully intend to.

Gwen Reece Makeup said...Worked with Jen Brook With Tina Eisen and Emmanuel! Great team !Jen is lovely, passionate and a superb model to work with ! Would love to work with this beauty again! Shame purpleport doesn't do star rating as she would get 5* every time.

Photographicvision said...I worked with Jen on a group shoot at an Asylum. She was very professional and friendly. She knew how to pose and was happy to change things up if need be to get the shots.I'd happily work with her again.

DEMon Photography said...Although we had one of our most scariest encounters with a group of cows, (I've been to the field hundreds of times to photograph butterflies that are attracted to the hedgerows and have never known cows to be in said field, so I hadn't planned on them being there!), the shoot was fantastic!!! Jen turned up on time, was lovely throughout the time we had together and posed with ease, to sum up I had a most wonderful time with this exquisite lady, she is flawless in every way, a true goddess amongst ladies!!! If you get the chance to do a shoot with her DAMN WHEN GRAB IT WITH BOTH HANDS!!!! We have another shoot planned and I cannot wait!!!! Thank you so VERY much again for a most wonderful day Jen.

Somersetman said...Had the pleasure of shooting with Jen earlier this week. She's delightful to work with both inside and outside the studio: energetic, funny and every bit of keen as I was to get the perfect shot! A thoroughly enjoyable and productive shoot.Jen has a fabulous fashion figure, bought an extensive wardrobe and has a repertoire of beautiful fashion poses - I could not have asked for more. Highly recommended!

georgian historian said...It was a long time since I did a fashion shoot, so I was looking forward immensely to working with the lovely Jen. I was not disappointed and the time flew past as fine weather allowed us to relocate outside the studio and use industrial backdrops. But the most dedicated aspect was Jen walking for 10 minutes along the canal towpath in a wedding dress - we got THE SHOT! She is just such a pretty girl, and a really lovely person to be with. I now have the delight of editing some of the great and varied images we achieved. I do hope Jen returns to the south-west next year - I for one would love to shoot her again. Highly recommended and her images reveal both her talent and her beauty. Thanks, Jen.

Simon Photography said...I have had the great pleasure to work with Jen today. She is a fabulous model, dresses everything so well and poses with great finesse. She worked very hard in helping to achieve the shots that we have set out to shoot. Also her advice and knowledge are invaluable.She is great fun and easy to work with, made the shoot relax while being professional at all times.Inevitably the fun has to end, but I will jump at the next opportunity to work with her again.I would highly recommend her to anyone!

hairbyharriet said...I had been admiring Jen's work for a long time and had been itching to work with her! Finally got the chance last month . I didn't get to spend much time with Jen but for the short duration she was professional, super friendly and inspirational too. I Would love to work with Jen again and would definitely recommend her!

Richard Wakefield said...I had a very specific reason to hook up with Jen Brook, and that was to pick her brains about model poses and direction from a photographer-to-a-model. Jen went above and beyond with her advice - her knowledge and experience are absolutely invaluable - you simply can't put a price on it.I'd work with Jen again in an instant, and any photographer wanting to book a shoot with a model who really has the patience, skill and of course stunning looks, she is perfect.

Stuart Dallas said...So much more than a model, Jen is a creative machine! I've had the extreme pleasure of working with her several times over the past 9 months. The first time was on a workshop in Paris, and most recently in London for some portfolio work and a personal conceptual project of mine. I cannot recommend her enough. Always enthusiastic and full of ideas, she worked really hard to make sure I got the shots I wanted. Professional and lots of fun with it, there's not much I wouldn't do to work with her again!

Harvey Gordon said...Intrepid, collaborative, patient ....  This is the first time I have shot with Jen and I hope it will not be the last. She patiently let me drag her around a an orchard, a walled garden, a rickety bridge then brought her back and put her in a dark dank shed, after which she was dressed in full Roman armour, had her face grimed up and had a smoke machine belching at her. Not one complaint or chink in her professional approach and commitment to each scene. A kind, gentle artist.Thank you Jen  Highly recommended.

Josh Chai said...[This should be read in tandem with TravellingToast's testimonial, I cannot have said it any better and agreed more with what he said, this is my experience...]When TravellingToast approached me and asked if I was interested to do a City of London fashion shoot, I said "Yes of course, with who?" When he mentioned Jen and having seen her Dreamcatcher project (if you haven't seen this, please go check it out on her website), I was a little nervous, feeling a little out of my depth. It turned out all these anxieties are totally unnecessary - Jen is one of the most approachable and friendly person you can ever meet! She is a true artist, her ability to listen to us, absorb the ambience, and then transform our ideas into almost theatrical display is nothing short of amazing.There is one reason why her portfolio looks as good as it is - Jen didn't just model for us, she made those images WITH us. She projects herself in the image and really strives to achieve our images with as much passion and conviction as we do. I found this a really liberating experience!Our City of London shoot with Jen turned out to be the single most inspiring and rewarding day of photography ever since I picked up a camera. Jen has my total unreserved recommendation to any photographer, regardless of experience and ability, who aspire to create great images. It has been a real privilege to have worked with you Jen, and I look forward to shooting with you again in the very near future! 

TravellingToast said...Myself and Josh Chai recently had the pleasure of working with Jen on a whole day shoot around the city of London. We came along armed with a light weight travel kit, a rough plan and a want to just have a great time shooting. Jen came armed with her amazing professionalism, bubbly personality and a great sense of humour.What we got out of the shoot was just amazing. Jen's ability to understand the feel of what we wanted and translate it to the physical was nothing short of awe inspiring.Take a look at Jen's portfolio and you can see how at first, we were a little intimidated at the thought of shooting with her. This could not be further from the truth. There is a reason you hire a professional model - their experience, their willingness to work to achieve exactly the image you want, knowledge of their body and what angles make them look good, their ability to view images and make fine adjustments. Jen displays all this and more.So to those photographers who are like us, who see Jen's portfolio and worry - do yourself a favour and hire this lady, it'll be the best thing you do!

Bruno said...I had a shoot with Jen this afternoon and what a gem she was. Jen is very personable and just a sheer pleasure to work. As a model, I must say that Jen is one of the best I have worked with so far. I am already looking forward to another shoot with Jen.Sensational is all I can say about Jen. I highly recommend Jen to anyone who would like to work with her.

Elliot said...What is there left for me to say? Just look at Jen's portfolio, it speaks for itself. Did a wedding workshop with Jen and learnt a darn lot of helpful insights. She is super professional, knowledgeable and as well as being a stunning model (who has more poses than hairs on her head) she is a great tutor. Work with her! I recommend it!

Alison McMath said...I did Jen's hair and makeup for a local photo shoot recently. Jen is the consummate professional - she knows what she wants to do and does it perfectly. From a makeup and hair perspective she was a dream as she has great features and lovely skin. It was a super experience to see her at work and watch how she related so easily with the photographer. An honor to work with her. 

Sophie Battersby said...Well what can I say....... this lady is one brilliant model. A pleasure to work with every single time, from our first ever shoot to our most recent one, I cannot fault Jen in any way. So professional and her ideas are amazing. I would love to be in Jens head for a day.I will always look forward to our next shoot!

Sam Hayward said...I worked with Jen on a workshop in Paris over 2 days. I had wanted to work with Jen for a while after seeing her work with other photographers, couple that with her very own dreamcatcher project and you have all the creativity you need in one gorgeous package. Always friendly, ever the professional and just down right good fun to work with.

Vince Nicoll said...Had my second shoot with Jen, this time at Hallam Mill studios. We managed to work through a number of ideas and costume changes in the 3 short hours we had there. Being the virtual novice that I am, Jen was patient and understanding and is amazing to work with. Would recommend working with her at your earliest opportunity.

Esteban Emmanuel said...If I have to reference what I think about Jen: I just love this girl. She is so easy to work with, never complains, always give her best and she will try everything to make the best possible shot. I think her portfolio speaks for itself: full of amazing images. I'm really proud to have her as a friend now and would love to work with her all my life if possible...!!!

Nedine said...For conceptual art photography there is no one else I'd rather work with. I've only just joined pp hence the delay in the ref. I have every intention of working with Jen again. Jen's ability to go from fashion to concept is amazing, she just slides into character and made my job SO much easier.

NigeNw said...Finally got to work with the very creative Jen during Andrew Appleton's fashion workshop in Paris. Jen was part of the wonderfully creative and professional team that made the whole workshop instructive and very enjoyable. Jen is a top notch model who demonstrates so easily why booking an experienced model pays huge dividends. Thanks Jen and the whole team.

SDR1000 said...I worked with Jen for the first on Andrew Appletons fashion workshop in Paris.Jen's presents on location is impressive, the styling make up, hair and the over all attention to detail was totally faultless.You know when your shooting with a professional model when each and every move is effortless graceful even mesmerising.Jen and Andrews team made the whole Paris experience a truly worthwhile venture with results that speak volumes for the creativity explored by individuals as well as collectively as a team.I would work with Jen again in the blink of an eye and she's a also a fellow cat lover so hey what more can I say. Thanks Jen.

Braveheart said...worked with jen on an andrew appleton workshop in parisher posing and expressions exudes class, style and beauty it was a real privilege to have had the chance to shoot with a model of jen's calibre and ability would love to work with her again. 

Emma-Jane Photography said...I shot with Jen during a workshop in London under Brooke Shaden. Working with Jen was lovely, she was able to take direction well but also able inject her own creative ideas. But also following her work after meeting her, seeing her current work, blog and writing has also allowed me to see how she is such a diverse, talented and deep young lady. I would happily work with her again.

Guy Dobson Photography said...I booked Jen for a creative / conceptual fashion shoot yesterday. Jen was very professional with great communication skills; working with me to bring my concept to fruition.Having discussed my concept with Jen beforehand, Jen brought a very good selection of outfits that she thought would work. During the shoot, all of Jen's experience and creativity shone through with very little direction required and with beautiful poses and expressions; Jen also made several very good suggestions to improve the shoot.I had a very successful and enjoyable shoot and I would happily work with Jen again.

Lakeland Images said...Had another shoot with Jen on Monday, what a fantastic model and an all around lovely person. Poses with ease and brings her own creativity to a shoot, highly recommended. Thanks again Jen, will have to do it again soon.

Katy Short - Makeup Magic said...Yesterday I had the absolute pleasure and privilege of working with Jen, she was professional, imaginative, and up for whatever we threw at her. Jen was happy to climb through woods and into caves to get the perfect shot, and brought all her own outfits which complimented Simon's concept for the shoot perfectly. She also made my job very easy which meant we had more time to shoot and managed to squeeze four different looks into four hours, which included walking to each location! Her fluidity of posing was incredible, and really brought the shoot to a whole new level.If you have the opportunity to work with Jen, you should absolutely take it! She's a fabulous lady and I'd certainly love to work with her again!

Geminiphotographic said...I met Jen at the creative day organised by Scott Morgan and Ellie Ellis. They could not have chosen a better model for the day, nothing was too much trouble for Jen, doing her utmost to achieve the image that was desired. Jen is a fantastic model who you should immediately add to your wish to work with list.Thanks Jen for all your hard work, it would be a great pleasure to work with you again in the near future. 

Simon Evans-White said...Sometimes in life we're lucky enough to work with people who are incredibly talented and whose work lifts our own to a new level.Sometime in life we're fortunate enough to work with truly lovely and wonderful people whose are a joy to spend time with.Jen is both of these things and much, much more!I had the enormous pleasure of working with Jen today and the experience was amazing from start to finish. Jen has such a gift for what she does, such enthusiasm for it, and such a friendly and sharing nature that the hours we were shooting just flew by. Each pose was perfectly executed and I could not have asked for more!If you get the opportunity to work with Jen then you absolutely must take it, I cannot recommend her highly enough.Thank you, Jen for an awesome day of shooting and I'm looking forward to the next time!

Vince Nicoll said...Jen is a gem to work with, and being a virtual beginner that was a huge bonus.Jen brought a selection of outfits and we managed to mix and match a few over the whole of the shoot. And even though our original plans went ary with the weather we quickly sorted out alternatives and I've got some cracking shots for my port. 2 hrs just simply wasn't long enough to do all that we could have done so I will definitely being trying to work with Jen again. Definitely the one to book if you can.

indecisive moment said...Had my second shoot with Jen today, and it was excellent.First of all, Jen brought a great selection of outfits for our location shoot. I really appreciated the fact that they had been ironed and were in great condition, it makes such a difference for a fashion shoot.Jen is a terrific fashion model, posing easily with elegance and poise. Her creative talent came into play making suggestions to try different things.As a person Jen is great company and so easy to work with.If you want to do a fashion based shoot, there can't be many better than Jen for this. Thoroughly professional and very knowledgeable, and also stunning, I recommend working with Jen as soon as you can.

Jonathan Thompson said...Once again I've had the privilege to spend 4 fabulous hours shooting with Jen. She's so professional, knowledgeable, dedicated and darn right fun, how could I get a bad image. Frank Doorhof wrote in his blog how hiring professional models & MUA's can take you to the next level. Boy is he right & Jen's the girl to call. I can't recommend Jen Brook highly enough, looking forward to our next shoot.

Steve E Oatway said...I've shot with Jen a couple of times and she is a pleasure to work with - I first worked with her on a play day with a couple of other photographers and she showed great fortitude putting up with our conflicting requirements and demands of her !!I then had the great fortune to be supplied with Jen as one of my models on a training day I was leading and it made my life so much easier having her around as she was happy to take my very vague directions and input her own spin on them to make a great day for the delegates. Highly recommended by me and I'm hoping to drag her over to my patch when she stays in the country long enough to arrange it.

Anthony Higginson said...I had the pleasure of shooting Jen a couple of days ago out on location. She turned up looking immaculate and was excellent at posing as i had expected!The shoot was fun and i found her to be both erudite and personable.Definitely one of the best models I have worked with and obviously highly recommended be me.

elegia said...I was really lucky to model alongside the awesome Jen a couple of months ago with Eddie Cheng in Manchester. We didn't have much time to chat in between the milkshakes and cupcakes, but I was really keen to get the opportunity to shoot her myself at some point when we had more time. She struck me as someone I have a lot in common with and who was into modelling/photography for similar reasons as myself.I got that opportunity recently since moving 'Up North' and we were a bit jammy in getting a proper sunny day in Blackpool to shoot! Jen is clearly very creative; she has a natural grace and poise and understands photography and all the ways that you can use it to express yourself. But besides that, she's also a very lovely person. Funny, clever and with a striking face that I'm kicking myself I didn't show off better. I really didn't do her much justice in terms of concept on the day, which was all down to my nerves and faffing about with some cameras I was unfamiliar with. So I hope to get a chance to redeem myself at some point and create something with Jen that really shows off how interesting she is and how capable she is in helping you create something amazing with very little.Jen is a model I would really love to work with again and I highly recommend booking her! She works extremely hard and will help you get the most out of a shoot. Most importantly, she's fun! Thanks Jen!

Richard A said...Had the pleasure of working with Jen a couple of months ago. Lovely to work with, takes direction, full of ideas, lovely poses ... Great to discuss ideas and look at different ways of achieving the required result. Would love to work with her again in the future.

Sam M-Clark said...Met Jen today at a workshop ran by GDH. What can I say she's a total pro, looks amazing and knows her poses. She has a great playful personality and is a joy to spend a day with, and I really hope to work with her again.

VonWong said...One of the best models I had the pleasure of shooting at a workshop that I hosted in London. Talented, inspiring and extremely hardworking.

Richard Powazynski said...I only met Jen fairly recently but since then we have worked together on a few occasions and what can I say she is truly inspiring. From a photographers view point she is great to work with, very professional, experienced and you'll get the image you want. But Jen is so much more than a model in front of a camera. As a fellow creative she is passionate about creating images, strives to make them perfect and is full of ideas that ultimately can make a difference. Jen brings so much more to the table, she's the very reason I like to work collaboratively. I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Christian Scott said...Well what can i say about this girl, She is just incredible..Eight hour intensive fashion shoot, Under a blistering sun on possibly the hottest day of the year. Jen is elegant, classy and knows how to model. I have created some of the best images of my career with her and will definitely be working together soon. 

eymc275 said...I have worked with Jen a few times now and if I was to sum her up into one sentence, I'd say she is 'creatively bonkers in the best possible way'.Full of fun, creativity, passion for what she does, attention to detail, poise, elegance, drive, commitment and... an insane sense of humour. Oh, she's also pretty nifty at this modelling thing too.What more can a photographer ask for... maybe some posh cake?

Marie Wood said...Jen is a beautiful person to work with, such a great girl. I have had the pleasure of working with her couple of occasions . very dedicated to her work and it shows in the images she creates. Would highly recommend her.

Amber Tutton said...modelled with Jen Brook in Manchester.. we were being photographed by the interesting Eddie Cheng, I found her great fun to work with!she has a great sense of humour and has such a positive view of the industry! we're working on a couple more shoots together for some more keep watch highly recommended!!!

ched53 said...Jen was superb to work with. Very confident in front of camera and full of energy and enthusiasm. Very friendly (and witty) personality...doesn't look too bad either. 

Claire Shipman said...Had a wonderful last shoot of 2012 with Jen, she is so elegant and her posing is outstanding. Not only is she a superb model but she is also a lovely, funny person. I would highly recommend her and I'm sure it won't be the last time we get creative together, hopefully. 

 IainT said...Jen was my last shoot of 2012 and one of the best without a doubt. Along with Claire the MUA we had a very relaxed time, got some lovely images and generally had a very chilled out shoot. Jen is witty and elegant and poses with sophistication and panache.The only question mark is in her judgement in allowing a filthy pornographer like me to work with her, although, to be fair, she managed to ensure decorum and good taste prevailed and even I couldn't manage to make her look anything less than classy, no matter how hard I tried. All in all, I think Jen managed to survive with her reputation and dignity intact...a remarkable achievement really.

Zaki said...A bit of belated feedback! I was lucky enough to work with Jen at the recent Hotel De Vie event, we had an hour slot in one of the smaller rooms. It didn't take long to find out that Jen is a very accomplished model, I just gave her a vague idea of the mood I was trying to create and she delivered a real performance of wistful pathos (apart from the odd fit of the giggles). Highly recommended and would love the opportunity to work with again, next time for longer!

Jasondh said...Jen was just a great professional and a fine model. Loved every minute of my time with her.Her attitude is first rate and she really gets the shoot off to a great start with her professionalism and experience.

Paul Stuart said...Just got back off a shoot with me, Richie Perkins and the brilliant Jen Brook, to say the time flew over would be a under statement, guys she is fantastic, arrived ready to shoot wardrobe full of clothes, once we set the lights off she went totally professional, striking to look at, beautiful to shoot I hope we get the chance to shoot again.

BrianBrown said...Worked at Hotel de Vie photoshoot with 7 models and Jen was one of them !! Jen is stunning and takes direction very well!!! I thought that meeting us had been a disaster and we seemed to giggle and laugh about how I work!! Jen's pictures look just what I was trying to achieve and I hope that we can work again soon - she is a wonderful model and highly recommended!!

Mart*G said...I recently photographed Jen during one of seven ‘one hour’ slots at an organised event at Hotel De Vie. I attended the event to trial newly purchased equipment for the first time and test-shoot with seven models with varying styles. I’ve followed and admired much of Jen’s work since I first saw her shoots with fellow photographers/tutors Damien Lovegrove and Chris Hanley, and so I was excited to be given an opportunity to test shoot with her at this event. Jen has a very elegant look and pays great attention to her styling. Jen is both fun to work with and very professional. I haven’t had time to select and process a full set of images from the day yet, but the first one I’ve edited is screaming “print me”. I would love to work with Jen again on future project(s), and would highly recommend her to other photographers.

Terry King said...Got the chance to work with Jen at the Hotel de Vie photoshoot. What an incredibly striking model! Every shot I took really leapt off the screen. Would be really cool to work with Jen on some different projects in future.

Tarmoo said...Jen is a model who I have wanted to work with for some time, so it was a great pleasure to be able to shoot her at Hotel de Vie yesterday. Apart from being stunning, she is extremely dedicated, creative and talented. Jen was a real joy to work with. Highly recommended.

Timeline said...I have had the pleasure of working with Jen a number of times now both in the studio and on location, her communications are excellent and she always turns up early for her shoots. Jen is a consummate professional and is passionate about her art, her boundless energy and creativity is guaranteed to enhance any shoot. A delightful well grounded young lady, she creates a relaxed atmosphere to work in, is very knowledgeable and patient which is a great help to professional and novice photographers. Whether you are a professional or amateur photographer, do not miss the opportunity to work with this highly recommended model.

indecisive moment said...Had a terrific shoot with Jen today. Jen is a fantastic model to work with. She is beautiful, and poses easily with poise,elegance and grace. It was very easy to review images with Jen ,and then try different things to improve them.For our fashion shoot, Jen brought an excellent array of clothes. completely in line with what I wanted. Her communications prior to working together was perfect.I should also add that Jen was very understanding when I was unable to shoot when we originally had agreed to.Jen is gorgeous, completely professional and very creative. Highly recommended.

kwamea said...Met Jen this week at Ropeworks open day. Have followed her progression in recent months and watched her grow into a very good model. She has a glowing port and am pleased that she saw fit to add one of my shots from the open day. Shall hope to work with her some point in the future.

Saracen House Studio said...A great pleasure to work with, Jen was our model at one of Andrew Appleton's workshop days at Saracen House... a highly professional yet easy going model and works so hard to achieve the perfect shot every time.Looking forward to the next time Jen is back with us in Milton Keynes.

Andrew Appleton said...This is the second reference I have written for Jen, the first was back some 5 months after she had modelled at one of my workshops. Since then we have collaborated on a number of shoots and she has worked on a further workshop. We have just returned from 3 days shooting in Paris and I thought I would take the opportunity to reinforce my first reference. Jen really is one of the best models I have worked with over the past few years, she is highly organised, a great communicator, reliable and has a wicked sense of humour.I have no doubt that we will be working together again very soon and she will be a regular at my workshops over the next 12 months.

otteypm said...Jen is awesome.....Do I need to say anything else? Okay, organising the shoot was a breeze, we were on the same page right from the start, spot on communication, well organised, well prepared and fantastic fun to work with. Very highly recommended. 

DavidBallard said...I had the good fortune to work with Jen yesterday at a workshop at Saracen House Studio. She is a great model and want to arrange another shoot with her very soon.

Donna Graham MUA said...I have actually lost count now how many times I have worked with the gorgeous, talented, professional, funny, hardworking, creative, top notch model that is Jen Brook.You may have guessed by now that I think Jen rocks! well she honestly does.I met Jen about a year ago on one of my first ever shoots and we hit it off straight away and since then have become great friends. Jen is amazing at modelling, she always delivers on a shoot and can just knock the moves out. I highly recommend working with Jen Brook and look forward to working with her many more times in the future.

Vicki Head said...I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jen a couple of times this year. Her experience and professionalism shines through along with her enthusiasm and tireless determination to get the shot. Elegant and beautiful and a barrel of laughs to boot. I would totally recommend working with Jen and hope to myself again. I would also recommend keeping the odd Twix on standby!

huit said...A Grade II listed building inhabited by a huge dog out of a fairy story. Elegance and poise provided by Jen. A full day. I ate all the pies and sat around occasionally pressing a trigger and Jen cracked the jokes. I may be lazy but thankfully Jen saved the day. We even avoided the attic and cellar so bang went my ideas. If I could improve on Jen's prior references I would be honoured to do so, so here goes. A pleasure to talk to, easy in all her communications and has a quiet assurance that delivers. Tall and looks even taller. A dress sense and wardrobe that exudes thought and flexibility. Jen's approach, input and modeling skills are gorgeous to observe and intelligent. Jen is good at standing in a field of sheep and I was most impressed that Jen kept them controlled without whistling. Makes polite conversation to a disconnected phone and can put up with idiots like me. Nothing else I could ask for. Exemplary. 

Angela Dalton said...Jen Brook!! for a starter she is a stunner. She is also LOADS of fun and has a wicked sense of humor . Very professional but up for a laugh, which in my opinion is the the best way to be. She makes a fantastic model and a good photographer and I highly recommend her for either.

ropeworks photography said...I'd struggle to put just one date for Jen, she is a regular in the Studio (thankfully) and is now starting to pick a camera too (I think I may have to lock them up ) Jen is really hard working and very intelligent. She brings a lot to a shoot and I'm never afraid to run ideas past Jen, she will almost instinctively know if I'm on the right track. Leave us alone for 5 mins and it is dangerous........the ideas just keep coming love having you around Jen, either side of the camera. 

FrancisPierre said...I can highly recommend Jen. She has a wonderful personality, very professional and has a great sense of humour. She will always give you her best, and it shows in her wonderful portfolio.

Simon Cole said...Worked with Jen as part of her recent (and rather epic) UK Grande Tour. I had arranged to meet her at 05:30 and Jen was there, prepared and ready to go. No whinging or whining about the early start, just rock solid enthusiasm and a sense of fun :o). The day consisted of several sets shot at a variety of locations and so involved quite a lot of travelling and outfit changes in various carparks etc. Jen took all this in her stride and just go on with it. As for her Modelling skills, she really knows what she's doing and has a natural flair for finding just the right look and pose to suit the concept. All in all a brilliant day and I'll certainly look forward to working with her again soon.

sitron said...Having got up at 5.30 am, the previous day, for a photographic sunrise shoot on the south coast Jen arrived in Surrey for her last stop on her tour of southern England.Since this was arranged at the last minute Jen first worked logistical miracles to get to me then photographic miracles to keep on working as the day just got hotter and hotter.Posing in two long dresses (in the garden) was not ideal for the weather but Jen really entered into the spirit of the shoot and I can thoroughly recommend her. In fact I would say look out for her next tour as you would be ‘nuts’ not to book her. Thank you for a great shoot Jen.

Bart Staszowski said...Jen is beautiful, smart, funny and totally crazy. I am so happy and proud to have worked with her. Thanks again Jenny!HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

NikNik said...Jen is an unbelievably easy model to work with all i did was press the trigger and she moved into yet another great pose! There are very few models that have such a presence in front of the camera and I wouldnt hesitate to recommend her to any photographer, whether a newbie or expert. Anyway whats more to the point she is also a lot of fun to be around and we bounced ideas off each other which is definitely what you want when shooting - fun! Cheers Jen we will do it again real soon.

Breadandshutter said...yep its offical Jen

Gem said...Worked alongside Jen at a shoot in Blackpool - she is an absolute star. A complete professional and would recommend to everyone. Was a brilliant day with plenty of laughs. Hoping to shoot with you again!!

JamesF said...I've worked with Jen a few times now in various different group settings, I think quite early on in her modelling career, and even then she was superb to work with, really easy to get along with, extremely photogenic, an absolute pleasure.Not at all surprised to see how the standard of her work has progressed to the level it is at now. If you get the chance to work with Jen, you would be a fool to pass it up!

Gazhilla said...I have worked with Jen for the last year and a half having done her first shoot. Seeing how she has progressed into an outstanding model has been great. Hard working, enthusiastic, 100% reliable, fun to be around and with great ability, looks and figure. I really wish there were more models around like Jen. Been a total professional whether working on personal projects, for clients or as part of my workshops. Book her, she is worth it.

eroticiques said...Charming, adorable, beautiful, great poise, intelligent and professional - yep all these and so much more. Worked with Jenny twice now, both occasions very impressed with this young lady.

Zak Tyler said...I recently worked with the lovely Jen on a fashion & hair shoot for fashion designer Milly Dollchops & hairdresser Laura Kulik. A consummate professional Jen worked seamlessly with the team. Her look, figure and poses were superb enabling the successful creation of some great images. It was great to work with a model who quickly embraced what we were seeking to achieve and contribute her own ideas. Although a lengthy shoot Jen maintained her focus and sense of humour to the end making her an absolute pleasure to work with. Hope we get to shoot again on some future projects. 

Jo Rutherford Photography said...Jen is an amazing model who I have had the pleasure to work with over the past year, she is versatile, and contributes so much to the shoot. She is keen to learn and be involved in the creative process and always comes completely prepared. I would strongly recommend Jen to anyone who wants a professional, beautiful model. 

Paul RG said...Booked and shot with Jen on a couple of training days and she's much more than a model. She understands the process and can help with posing ideas as well as looking stunning. Book her with confidence.

Andrew Appleton said...It's difficult to find anything to criticise about Jen, she is tall, slim, elegant and has a great sense of style. She can pull poses or take direction and deliver fantastic expressions.She is a model who enjoys the whole image creation process and I believe that shows in the photos we have done together. I have worked with her on a workshop and two collaborative shoots so far with lots more planned. Very highly recommended.

Jessica_C_MUA said...Jen is great to work with, very natural, relaxed and friendly. Highly recommended!

Neil Whiteley said...I love models who want to get involved in the creative process and who are happy to step out of their comfort zone when the need arises. Jen is one of those rare people. 

Graham Binns said...I've shot with Jen on three separate occasions now; she's always punctual and dedicated, and has a fantastic range of poses.A great model with a great future ahead of her.

Kaouthia said...I assisted the main photographer on a shoot a couple of weeks ago at which Jen was one of the models.A beautiful lady, and a pleasure to work with. 









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